Youth Thinkers’ Society organized PIMUN 2016; the first ever International Model United Nations conference in Afghanistan from 4 – 6 August at Government Media & Information Center under the auspices of H.E. Rula (Bibi Gul) Ghani, the First Lady of IR of Afghanistan, where 330+ delegates attended. The delegates, were from different Universities, Colleges and High Schools from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and, Australia. During the three days of conference they discussed various issues of security, economy, and, social and political which concerns the region and rest of the world.

The main objective of this conference was to promote the education of international affairs and the United Nations through participation in Model United Nations Conference. Participants also learned about diplomacy, international relations, debating, negotiation, lobbying and leadership skills.

PIMUN 2016 as the first International MUN of Afghanistan hosted the presence of the Afghan President H.E. Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, H.E. the First Lady Miss Rula Ghani, Deputy Chief Executive H.E. Mr. Mohammad Mohaqiq, European Union Representative Mr. Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, the Swedish Ambassador Andres Sjobergs, and Minister of Counter Narcotics, H.E. Miss Salamat Azimi. While speaking at the opening of the conference, President Ashraf Ghani pledged to unlock the future for the nation’s youth, saying they are a generation of unity and integration, not a generation of division and fragmentation.
“You – [youth] - are a generation, which connects, not one that divides”, said President Ghani. He also added that youths are ambassadors of peace and prosperity for Afghanistan.
Afghanistan’s First Lady Rula Ghani also appreciated the initiative. Likely other speaker encouraged youth participation in national and global issues. Also government asked contribution of youths for bright future for the country and
women and education empowerment.


    Ashraf Ghani


      Rula Ghani

      First Lady

          Mohammad Mohaqiq

          Deputy CEO

            Franz Michael Mellbin

            Ambassador of EU


              Ambassador Anders Sjoberg

                Sayed H.Alami Balkhi

                Minister of Refugees


                • UNSC : UNSC was chaired by Moneer Koshani, co-chaired by Hosai Barakzai and Maisam Amiri was the director. 28 delegates participated in the debate discussing issues related to ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the region. They focused as how to tackle these organizations. Delegates were also briefed about the working of UNSC by Moneer Koshani.
                • UNWOMEN : UNWOMEN was chaired by Fatima Muradi, co-chaired by Qudsia Poplazai and was the director. One of the largest committees of PIMUN 2016 where more than 50 delegates participated. The delegates discussed various issues related to Women in particular the discussed about Women’s political participation. The delegates adopted a two page resolution with 18 articles.
                • UN ECOSOC : Chaired by Moneer Koshani, Raihana Mohammadi and Khudaynazar Rahmani having 90+ delegates. The committee started with brief information to Model United Nations rules of procedure and continued with debate on the topic of Developing international aid for the under developed countries. The topic was passed with a simple majority vote in first session. The second day of ECOSOC committee was headed by Rahim Sediqe. In the end of third day the committee were divided into two blocks After the drafting, the resolutions were presented by the delegates from both blocks and at the end one of the resolutions were passed. The second and third day of ECOSOC committee was chaired by Rahim Sidiqee.
                • UNHCR : UNHCR was moderated by Hifza Jilani as chair, Samim as co-chair having 65 delegates. The committee of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) started with introduction to the roles and procedures of the conference and a pre-session of practice. The procedures and roles were explained by co-chairs and directors. The formal session started after lunch break by passing a moderated caucus on the topic of European refugee crisis and its impacts on global peace and security. The delegates have chosen to be in a group with their allies who have the same position like their countries in their policies. Once resolutions were developed, two representatives from each group presented their findings and solutions. By the end of the day a resolution was passed through votes of delegates.
                • The Grand Council of Afghanistan : This extra-ordinary committee of Loye Jirga, hosted 109 delegates. They started debate on the topic “The role of youth in peace and security”. The committee was chaired by Besmillah Taban, and co-chaired by Khadija Hussaini. The committee started by a brief introduction to Model United Nations and rules of procedure of the conference by Khadija Hussaini. Moreover, Besmillah Taban, talked about importance of the topic.


                The conference hosted more than 330 participants from all around the country and also had international participants from Australia, India and Pakistan. Whereby they created a huge youth network across and learned the culture of peaceful negotiations. We had approximately 37% female participants and 63% male participants. By the end of conference best delegates and special mentioned delegates were recognized at presidential palace with appreciation certificates.

                PIMUN CLOSING Ceremony

                H.E. Dr. ABDULLAH ABDULLAH attended the closing ceremony of Pamir International Model United Nations 2016. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah encouraged the youth to continue the efforts they are making. H.E. was very much happy from the initiative taken by Youth Thinkers’ Society. Dr. Abdullah said that “Youth is the new hope of Afghanistan and they should be taken care of. The Ceremony also saw the presence of H.E. Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, the deputy chief executive of I.R. of Afghanistan. Mr. Mohaqiq stressed o youth’s ability to lead the world and the country and emphasized on how the youth can be a change agent in the current government.

                Afghanistan Night

                Youth Thinkers’ Society proudly brought three days full of professional experience i diplomacy, transforming all participants into emerging leaders of tomorrow. By the en of conference in order to celebrate the beauty of Afghanistan which lies within its diversity, PIMUN team organized ‘Afghanistan Night’ which took place on 6th of August 2016 Whereby all the participants focused on celebrating their diversity through cultural presentations. Hence, all the honorable delegates of Pamir International Model United Nations 2016 presented their;

                • Cultural Clothes
                • Souvenirs
                • Paintings
                • And everything that speaks of their culture

                Musical evening

                The conference was closed by a music performance of Arash Bariz which brought so much joy for the delegates. Arash Bariz, the young and talented artist performed voluntarily at the closing ceremony of the conference. The conference ended when the organizers and delegates receive an official invitation from the H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the president of IRoA for a grand event followed by a dinner at the presidential palace.

                Event at ARG

                Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, hosted the organizers and participants of Pamir International Model United Nations conference at the end of the program. The First Lady of Afghanistan also attended this meeting which was held at the Presidential Palace on August 7th 2016. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Moneer Koshani – President of Youth Thinkers’ Society, delivered his speech on behalf of the team and participants. He spoke as how this conference had a positive impact on youth for their leadership and participation in an open dialogue and how can this help build their capacity and improve the situation for youth in Afghanistan.
                He stated that this program provided participants the opportunity to learn the importance of tolerance and accepting each other in a society, considering the fact that this program assisted the participants to get the knowledge about volunteering, leadership skills, public speaking communications and building positive relationships. Mr. Besmillah Taban, Ms. Hamida Nazari, Ms. Mehri Dlir, and Mr. Khushal Asefi also spoke about the outcomes of PIMUN.

                The President, after listening to the ideas and demands of the participants, said, “Welcome to your own home. It is the place where the President lives with your permission. I hope there will be someone among you who can take this responsibility in the future.” He added, “Yo introduced a language whose words are each other’s understanding and acceptance, struggle and hard work, negotiations and communications. This ensures me that the future of Afghanistan will be secure in your hands.” The President stated, “Creating a negotiating platform is a hug step and you initiated a great practice in the political world similar to the security forces tha sacrifice themselves in the first line of the battle for Afghanistan.”
                He promised to personally donate 660 thousand Afghanis for this young generation. The President also mentioned that Afghanistan is the heart and the crossroad of Asia. Thus, we need to realize its geographical location and the selection of Pamir as the name for the Model United Nations program is very important. He said that the top of the world is ours, thus, our young generation needs to be on the top.
                The President thanked the youths for being self-confident and said that the young generation experienced that nothing can stop their improvements as they initiated the young movement today. At the end of the meeting, the members of Pamir International Model United Nations conference presented certificates of appreciations for the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the First Lady of Afghanistan.

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