Peace-building Commission (PBC)

The Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) is an intergovernmental advisory body that supports peace efforts in conflict-affected countries. The PBC is composed of 31 Member States, elected from the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council. As of 2020, the PBC has 31 members. Member States serve for renewable terms of two years.

The UN Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) is the organization’s financial instrument of first resort to sustain peace in countries or situations at risk or affected by violent conflict.

Agenda 1: Empowering Youth as Agent of Peacebuilding

The way we engage young people today will determine the prospects for sustainable development and peace. Young people, who represent a majority of the population in most developing countries, are today visibly contributing as political actors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and peacebuilders. At the same time, youth face disproportionate social, economic, and political barriers that prevent them from unleashing their full potential.

To utilize young people’s potential as agents of change requires involving and empowering them in development, policies, and supporting their participation at all levels. We must partner with young people, youth organizations, and actors from civil society and the private sector to governments, and members of the youth organizations to promote youth-focused and youth-led development. With the 2030 Agenda as a guiding thread, we must work to advance young people’s participation in civic and political life, their economic empowerment, and their role as peace- and resilience-builders.

Agenda 2: Sustaining Peace through Partnership

In Security Council resolution 2282 on the review, the Council expressed its intention regularly to request and considers the advice of the Peace-building Commission (PBC), including during the drawdown of peacekeeping operations and special political missions. Both the Council and substantively identical General Assembly resolutions, which set out the concept of sustaining peace, recognized the importance of adequately resourcing the peace-building components of relevant peace operations, including during mission transition and drawdown.

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