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an essential element of modern democracy is the press, which is today’s socio-political climate contains an immense diversity of perspective. Worldwide, the press serves as the primary link between United Nations and the global population, and as a part of PIMUN press corps will be responsible for maintaining this link. Like in reality, it will be essential that the people remain constantly informed about the actions of the committees. As a delegation in this conference’s press corps, unlike other MUN committees, you will not have any specific agenda. In the bulletins of other committees, the topic would be outlined and an introduction would be given. With the Press Corps, however, there is no topic to outline. For the objective of the Press Corps is to report the conference as a whole. The position paper will still be your key part of the preparation, and you will act as a representative of either national or an international news agency.
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Chairperson Vice Chairperson Director
        Farhazeb Miri


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