Mohammad Hamed zaher

My name is Mohammad Hamed Zaher hold a Bachelor degree at Finance and Accounting from Balkh University. I’ve worked as a volunteer since I entered the university. I’ve been the head of Students Association for two and half years. During my studies at university, I did participate in different events – debate tournament(s) at National level, MUN(s) as a participant and as a vice chair, Forum(s), Conference(s) and National Symposium. Also, I’ve successfully conducted a considerable number of seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings, and debate tournaments. Then, I started my professional career with Better Makers Social Organization. I worked with BMSO for almost two years to help IDPs and Returnees in successful reintegration and to promote their civic engagement. Currently I’m working with IDS/UN-World Food Programme in emergency and post-conflict setting at Badakhshan and Takhar provinces. We as a team, work to End Hunger worldwide – to achieve SDG2; Zero Hunger – so no one suffers from hunger and enjoy living. I love Football and Photography. Sometimes I write poem and love to write more and more. I’ve always dreamed for a peaceful Afghanistan so I can take my camera and travel to each province of Afghanistan.