About the Founder

Moneer Koshani is an Engineer by profession & a social entrepreneur by choice and is currently serving as the founding president of Youth Thinkers’ Society – Afghanistan. YTS is an NGO, focuses on leadership development and capacity building of youth through active engagement and participation. YTS, under the leadership of Moneer Koshani, organized the first Model UN conference in Afghanistan under the patronage of the President & First Lady of Afghanistan.

Mr. Koshani was born in Afghanistan and brought up in Pakistan. Growing up in a politically tumultuous scenario where everyone was hugely involved in politics was the biggest motivation for his passion in politics and involvement in international affairs.

He has attended more than 30 different capacity building programs, trainings, conferences and workshops in 20 different countries in Asia and Europe. He has also worked in different organizations in and outside Afghanistan. Currently he is advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals all over Afghanistan through different platforms. Through these different platforms he has engaged more than 3000 Afghan youth from 2015 onwards.

Apart from being enthusiastic in international relations and organizing events he enjoys travelling, exploring new places, meeting new people and understanding new cultures.

His works can be followed from the following websites.

www.ytsaf.org | www.pimun.af | www.nys.org.af | www.mun4afghanistan.com